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Barbara’s Story

Having been retired for one year I decided I wanted to do something for me. By accident on facebook I found yoga classes at my local centre.
At first I was worried I would not be able to do a lot of the moves as I have limited movement in my knees which means I cannot kneel.
My first words to the group were there was no way my foot would reach my neck. I need not have worried. I was made to feel relaxed and welcome. Most of the group were also new and younger than me but this was not a problem. We all get on really well and I have meet new people and enjoy the company. I started off sitting on a chair but now after 6 weeks I have started to do more exercises without the chair.
 I feel more relaxed my breathing has improved and my stress levels have lowered. Its funny at first you do not notice that your body is more relaxed. The first thing I noticed after 2 weeks was that I was standing more upright without any effort. Then my breathing started to get easier.
Karen the instructor has been very good. She advised me of the moves I can do being seated and the ones i can do standing. Even though I am the only one using a chair I do not feel the odd one out or different from the rest of the group. I am so glad I found this free class and for one hour a week I can escape from the daily routine called life.
Hi Karen I hope anything from above will be useful to you. See you Thursday.