About Womb Yoga

Womb yoga is my term for yoga to nourish every aspect of our lives as women, whether we have a womb, or not, whether we menstruate, or not. Womb yoga enables us to re-connect joyfully with naturally arising inner wisdom, insight and vitality. It is both delicious and profoundly nourishing. It is healing and vitalising.
This way of yoga is a truly multidimensional approach which enables women to access the inner guidance of their source wisdom so that they may more readily reside in well-being and peace with their experiences as women.
When we are disconnected from our wombs for what ever reason then we are not fully able to have a intimate interchange with another with another. The the art of sharing live from your centre is comprised. For if you cannot share from your centre with yourself, then it’s impossible to share it in union with another.
The womb misses nothing: she knows all. The wombs recordes every event of our lives. She records all of our interactions and reactions within relationships. She senses our misgivings and revives all the loving. The womb never forgets the lessons or the blessings.


Will I feel the difference of Yoga straight away?

Why should I choose yoga?

Due to people having very busy lives, with work and home to find that balance between both is essential to our physicals and mental health. Too often we forget about ours selves running a home job, children, single parents , or you might have older parents to look after which is a lot of responsibility., many time we overlook ourselves so when we schedule our weekly commitments its essential we make time for our selves. We are all busy but you should never be to busy to make time for you. We all have 24 hour in the day and it is how we spend that time. Stop over thinking and stop putting obstacles in the way. No more excuses. Sometimes we have a habit of making exues, is it doing any good for my health. its not all about the outside, its about the inside to they run parralle. it about shining from within.
I recommend yoga as a starting point today.
Classes include Meditation & Pranayama (breathing techniques)
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21 Day Womb Yoga Challenge
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