Welcome To Yogi 4 Life

Each One Heal One
I’ve been studying and practicing yoga/ meditation with its philosophies as an expert Yoga Instructor since 2011. Today, I am fortunate enough to share all that I’ve learned with you. I’m a certified Yoga instructor and Mindfulness meditation coach based in Birmingham. Since 2018, I’ve tapped into the world of yoga, and I’ve learnt from wise and inspiring tutors. Having the chance to share those lessons and experiences with my students fills me with joy.
We will guide you on your Spiritual Journey. I do this work with you because We want to introduce you to the Real You. We want you to stand in your own Power. First we have to discover who your are and what is your purpose and take it from there. Are you where you should be in particular areas of your life? We will work with you to address day to day stress, fears, traumas and anxieties and what is manifesting in the physical body and is imminent. Furthermore, We can also work with you to address what is bubbling underneath the physical pain and discomforts, the initial cause of the discomfort. Everyone could use more yoga in their lives, so I hope to see you on the mat soon.

I first was introduced to yoga about 15 years ago by my sister she told me to give it a go. So I looked for a local class in Handsworth leisure Centre and attended on Thursday mornings with a beautiful yoga instructor called Marie. Every time I attended the class I felt 100% better, less stressed, stretched and a great workout as well. However at times I struggled to get there, due to lack of motivation and excuses.

I thought to my self I would love to teach yoga as it has so many benefits, it also had a balance to it, a great work out and also a relaxation/ meditation time, time to reflect on what we has just done and how we felt and also that time to just for yourself

I booked my self on a course and was ready to go, life and emotions got in the way and I didn’t complete my course feeling quite disappointed in myself. 5 years later I decided to try again I was determined to complete no matter what happened. I completed my course and qualified in 2018. , as a Hatha yoga instructor, I also teach Yin, Womb, flow, Ashtanga.