Mindfulness Meditation 4 Employees

Underpinned by robust scientific principles, Mindfulness is a principle well regarded by organisations who understand the importance of optimal mental health and interpersonal relationships at work. Our Mindfulness workshops, courses, and meditation sessions are proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, while enhancing concentration, creativity, resilience, complex decision making and productivity. Whether your employees are new to the concept or already have a solid appreciation of its effectiveness, the below service can be adapted to suit your business.

Have you found it difficult in the past to meditate?

Meditation takes time you need to have an open mind to learn about meditation practice, you can learn after a period of time. I have worked with many people who haven’t quite mastered the art of meditation, but that is ok. As I can teach you over a period of time a deeper understanding of meditation.
Set a time and place every day where you wont be interrupted and start with 5 mins a day the increases the time by a few minutes each week
Classes include Meditation & Pranayama (breathing techniques)

Mindfulness Workshops

. 60 minutes ad-hoc or monthly sessions
. Interactive, evidence based therory and practice
. Online or in-person
. Led by fully qualified Mindfulness teacher
. Suitable for all levels of experience

Meditation sessions

. Themed daily or weekly
. 30 practice focused session
. Fixed term or on going
. One line or in – person
. Led by full quality Mindfullnes teachers prepared and presented exclusively for your organisation

Mindfulness Course

. One hour per week over 7 weeks
. Comprehensive and highly interactive
. Combining theory, group, discussion and practice,
. Facilitated by fully Qualified professionals
. Provides in-death understanding of mindfulness and other teachniques