Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

  • Peace of Mind

  • Enhanced cognitive function

  • Sharpens the concentration

  • Alleviate pain

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Develops a sense of happiness

  • Transforms mental outlook

  • Increases productivity for work

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Benefits of Yoga

  • Improves strength and balance

  • Helps with back pain relief

  • Can ease arthritis symptoms

  • Benefits heart health

  • Relaxes you, to help you sleep better

  • Increases energy and brightens moods

  • Helps to manage stress and anxiety

Our Classes

Experiance Ashtanga Yoga
Experiance Womb Yoga
Mindfulness Meditation for employees & individuals
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About Me

I first was introduced to yoga about 15 years ago by my sister, she told me to give it a go due to stress and anxisity. I looked for a local class at Handsworth leisure Centre and attended on Thursday mornings with a beautiful yoga instructor called Marie. Every time I attended the class I felt 100% better, less stressed, stretched, and a great workout as well. However, at times I struggled to get there due to lack of motivation and excuses.
I thought to my self I would love to teach yoga as it has so many benefits, it also had a balance to it, a great work out and also relaxation / meditation time, time to reflect on what we have just done and how we felt and also that time just for yourself.
I booked myself on a course and was ready to go, life and emotions got in the way and I didn’t complete my course and felt quite disappointed in myself. 5 years later I decided to try again, I was determined to complete no matter what happened. I completed my course and qualified in 2018 as a Hatha yoga instructor, I also teach Yin, Womb, Flow, Ashtanga.

Online Hatha Yoga Classes & Mindfulness Meditation

Online Hatha Yoga Classes for all abilities. Join us for relaxed and friendly yoga and meditation classes. You will receive lots of instruction and modifications to help you make the most of your practice. So no matter whether you are a complete beginner or continuing your practice, our classes will have something for you. Learn how to connect with your breath, focus your mind and approach physical poses with confidence and understanding of what is best for your body. Take control of your practice and your yoga journey, safe in the knowledge that you will be encouraged and guided in a safe, relaxed and comfortable way.

Prices & Timetable

Yoga group online £5.00
Yoga group online Monthly pass £20.00
1-1 online £25.00
1-1 in person £35.00
Chair Yoga group class £3.00
Chair Yoga Monthly pass £11.00
Yoga & Meditation online monthly pass £45.00
Mindfulness Meditation group online £7.00
Mindfulness Meditation group online monthly pass £27.00
Mindfulness Meditation 1-1 online £25.00
Mindfulness Meditation 1-1 in person £45.00
Reiki 1-1 £30.00
Tuning Folk Therapy £40.00

(Workshops, Events, & Retreats)

Corporate Classes & Discounts

Classes specifically tailored to your employee’s needs for a group rate

Anything from 30 minute Chair Yoga session to full 90 minute Yoga classes or 7 week course Mindfullnes meditation 60 min

I’m happy to work around you and your employees

Interested? Email to discuss options

Yoga for Sports Teams and Clubs

Are you part of a sports club/team that can’t train at the moment?

Still want to keep your fitness levels up?

Looking to try something new and different to the endless home HIIT/circuit routines?

Why not give a Yoga Class on Zoom a go?

I can tailor the class for the specific sport/needs and you can split the cost of the class between you.

Yoga is a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility. With stronger muscles comes higher endurance and reduced risk of injury. All while tuning in to the breath and relaxing the mind. Giving you and your team the edge over the competition both mentally and physically.

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